Raw Incense:

How To Make Incense From Found Plants

Incense isn't just a nice perfume for your bedroom or house. Incense, properly made and curated, is an experience.

Most of the stuff you probably know is cheap stick incense, a very thin wooden stick partially coated in a thin layer of incense dough, soaked heavily in chemical fragrance.

The scent is sometimes overpowering... it can give you a headache or make you sneeze uncontrollably. Not to mention all the chemical fumes you're breathing in...

Let me show you how to make real incense solely from plant materials that won't harm you, your pets, or your house and will let you truly experience the magic of plants.

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I know as well as you do that the incense sticks at the store are cheap... but once you collect or purchase the materials for making your own, you can handcraft nearly twenty times the amount of incense yourself of a quality much higher than the cheap sticks could ever wish to be.

The incense we'll make together is made with no added chemicals, oils, or fillers- and you can even forage a lot of the ingredients you need from your own backyard!

I'll show you where to find the right types of plants to work with, how to pick, dry, and process them into incense powders, and how to turn this raw material into incense dough for making your own thick, woodless incense sticks and cones.

The Incense You Make...

Is free from chemicals, oils, or perfume additives

Won't harm your pets

Won't give you a headache like cheap store-bought incense

Won't stick to your walls or set your house on fire

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I’m Artisanal Incense Crafter, Professional Forager, and Herbalist Amelia South. I've graduated from multiple courses at the Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine, studied several books, and I’ve been making and selling my own handmade incense blends since 2020. Now you can learn all my techniques and foraging guides to be able to create your own handcrafted incense!

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What you’ll learn in this In-Depth Introduction to the world of incense crafting:

How your incense can smell so great without any extra additives

How and where to find plants that will lend themselves well to becoming incense material

How to scent-test different materials and decide which ones blend well with each other

How to mix herbs and powders to create loose blends, cones, or hand-rolled sticks

This Mini Masterclass will give even a complete novice a solid foundation of what making your own incense entails. You’ll also be provided with plenty of additional resources and links to places where you can learn even more about this process from other experts like me as well as reputable suppliers of materials you may not be able to wildcraft on your own.

This course can be completed at your own pace easily within a week, and you have full access to all the lessons and resources to come back to any time you need to refresh your memory or get a little help.

What's In Your Course:

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Downloadable eBook PDF plus in-course text lessons

13 On-Demand Video Lessons

Extensive Links to Additional Resources that I personally use

Special coupon codes that can be used at Select reputable online incense crafting supply stores, only available to my students!

Once your purchase is complete, you get Instant Lifetime Access to the Course as well as all future updates/upgrades!

This course comes with an Unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you feel like you didn't learn what you needed to learn to make your own handcrafted incense, I'll return your money within 30 days of purchase.

Simply fill out the form below and you will be directed to the Log-in page and given full access to all course materials upon completion of payment.



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